Jan 23, 2010

Glass Fusing, Jewelry Design and Wearable Art Blog Stars 2009/2010

Middle school artists have been learning to use our new glass-fusing kiln! Students learned how to carefully cut glass using many new tools. These first jewelry designs wowed us all!

Gina Schricker:
Indira Latouche:

Before we got into the glass fusing, we warmed up to jewelry making with polymer clay. Most artists focused on jewelry but this artist found his own niche creating these mini animals. Yes, that is a DJ octopus!

Nikko Mangretta:

We've just begun a unit on silkscreening. Middles school artists are working on a 2 color bird print on fabric. Stay tuned -the many cool bird prints will soon be a new art installation in our school! We'll be sure to post some pics here on the blog.

Luc Pellegrino:


  1. I love how Nikko did the octoopuse and how he did something different than everyone else. He did a fantastic job.

  2. i like the penguin with a hockey stick

  3. hey this is a very nice work of art keep up the good work

  4. I like when I made a paper weave by Allison

  5. yo nikko sick penguin bro