Mar 14, 2010

2nd Grade Blog Stars 2009/2010

These paintings were inspired by the book Tar Beach by Faith Ringold. In the story a little girl named Cassie imagines she is flying over NYC, her apartment building and the George Washington bridge. We imagined we were flying over the city of Pittsburgh and all of its bridges. Students used tempera paints, Sharpies, colored pencils and their imaginations to create these paintings.

Steven Hopkins:

Jillian Lehosky:

In 2nd grade artists in Studio 101 focus on line in many of their art explorations. The relief printmaking process utilizes line to create texture and contrast. Artists chose an animal to represent in their prints and they carved styrofoam printing plates. Each artist made two prints, a monoprint using washable markers and damp paper and a black ink print using more traditional printmaking methods.

Mia Catone
"Cat" monoprint and ink print:

Jonathan Parker
"Dolphin" and printing plate pictured


  1. Way to go Jonathan, I like that dolphin...

  2. my sister made one too!!!!!!!!!!! it is beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!