May 21, 2010

Arts Festival Photos 2009/2010

A few photos of our event.  What fun! 
More coming soon...

Making collages in Studio 101, AKA the  Romare Bearden room.  All the artwork exhibited in this room was inspired by our PSSA ("Pennsylvania Super Sensational Artist") Romare Bearden.  Visitors watched a short film about Bearden's life and career.  Artists chose to collaborate on a collage mural or create an individual collage.

Jason works on his landscape painting.  Some middle school students are studying impressionist painting techniques and learning how to use acrylic paint.

Mr. Stuart and and his guests check out the Warhol inspired cat drawings created by 2nd grade artists.

Artists work together in the art installation on the main floor.  Members of the Junior Curators Club conducted "Make & Take" art projects throughout the building during our festival.  They were given the role of Teaching Artist, demonstrating and explaining how to make paper birds like the ones hanging on the tree in this picture.

Two of the projects inspired by Romare Bearden: 5th grade Story Collages and 6th grade Watercolor Cityscapes.

6th grade artist and festival volunteer, Greg, shows off his festival tee shirt.  The festival logo that appears on the shirts was designed by 4th grade artist Kennedi.  Shirts were tie-dyed by the members of Art Club.

3rd grade singers perform 'Basin Street'.  The choral numbers at the festival were all jazz numbers chosen to support the study of Romare Bearden.  Much of Bearden's artwork showed a heavy influence of jazz music.

Jillian posts a comment on this blog the night of the festival.


  1. Wow! What a great festival. I want to make a collage about it!

  2. The self-portraits on the first grade hallway were my favorite!

  3. I liked the horizon paintings with all of the clouds. Reminds me of flying in an airplane! Brilliant.