Jun 13, 2010

3rd Grade Blog Stars 2009/2010

3rd Grade artists learned about artist Pablo Picasso.  We discussed cubism and the artist's "blue period".  The "blue" stories students chose were illustrated and then manipulated to mimic the odd perspectives in a cubist painting.  These monochromatic paintings gave students an opportunity to practice color theory and color mixing.  Notice the many shades and tints of blue?  Do you know the difference between a shade and a tint?  No?  Ask a third grader!

Aubrey Blank

Vashon Lee

Brandon Gabor

Alex Cline

Bryanna Adams

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  1. I think that it is so refreshing to know that there are teacher who really care about the well being of our children. The Arts are very important, they open the door to our childrens thinking, and give them a creative way to express their feels and what they are thinking.