Feb 28, 2011

Middle School Blog Stars 2010/2011

Inspired by two hip hop artists in residence at our school - we studied graffiti and street art in Studio 101.  We looked at the artwork of Banksy, Shepard Fairey and Jean-Michel Basquiat.  Middle school students designed an original "tag" or character.  From the sketches, artists carved rubber stamps and created prints and stickers!

Katie Lehosky

Annie Brattina

Katie Fallon

Steven Chaklos


During our PSSArt Unit 7th and 8th grade artists created Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Quilt Patterns from trash and product packaging.  These geometric designs tested their math skills as they measured and pieced together these gorgeous compositions based on traditional quilt patterns.

Anina Parker

Alexis Berkeley

Greg Morris

Jacob Borkowski


Middle School artists just completed a silk screen unit with our fabulous student teacher Carrie Pace.  We began with a study of artist, and Pittsburgh native, Andy Warhol.  We discussed Pop Art and how it blurred the line between fine art and commercial art.  We looked at the artwork of Shepard Fairey and talked about appropriated images and copyright.  Middle school artists had to choose a celebrity, a household object, or a commercial product and create a plastic stencil.  Then they experimented by printing with various inks on paper and on textiles.

 Jacque Gant

Angelique Williams

Brandi Pantalone

Adam McVeigh


Middle School artists enjoyed making these multi-media weavings incorporating yarn, fabric, beads, lace and ribbon.

Brandon Geyer

Nacho Cisneros

Ricquel Cottrell

Courtney Byers
Courtney turned her's into an adorable, functional pouch!


We are continuing our glass fusing curriculum that was so popular with the middle school artists when we began it last year.  We have a small kiln in Studio 101 where we fire our original designs.

Anissa Payne

Chris Joscak

This radial design project incorported math skills, such as symmetry and using a compass, as well as a study of mandalas.  Artists were asked to create an original design featuring nature.  The results were laminated so they would last forever, but it makes them difficult to photograph for the blog!

Alexandra Lucas


Middle school artists studied architectural gargoyles and grotesques.  We discussed the different animals often represented in gargoyles, and we compared scary ones to silly ones.  Students used a combination of Model Magic, paper mache pulp and acrylic paint to create these gargoyle relief sculptures.

Caitlyn Byers

Scott Harris

Mimi Ogunyemi

Austin Spolan

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  1. Congratulations middle school artist blog stars! I had so much fun silkscreening with all of you. I'll miss you. I hope my new high school students are half as fun and talented as you all were.