Apr 18, 2011

PSSA in Studio 101

This year, in Studio 101 PSSA stands for…
Pennsylvania, Super, Sensational Art form!

Every year during PSSA testing I take the opportunity to teach our East artists about an artist born in Pennsylvania. This supports the PA art standards.  This year we are exploring and learning about the art form of quilting - from the Pennsylvania Dutch quilt-making tradition to the work of two contemporary Pittsburgh artists.

We will be inspired by the art work of: Tina Brewer and Wendy Osher. We will look at everything from traditional geometric quilt patterns, to story quilts, to artworks that are created from untraditional materials but still include some traditional techniques. Students will learn basic sewing skills and blend some math and geometry into our art-making.

Some photos of our work so far:

Please contact Mrs. Babusci if you are a quilter, tailor or a seamstress and you want to be involved. We will also be looking for some unique donations. I will be sending another letter home about this soon. Thanks!


Do you remember these Pennsylvania Super Sensational Artists from the past 3 years?


Romare Bearden


Alexander Calder


Keith Haring

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  1. LOVE the abstract artwork with the Crush and Pop Tart boxes!