Oct 2, 2011

3rd grade artists 2011/2012

 Third grade artists heard Ms. Babusci tell a Nigerian folktale called "Why the Sky is so Far Away".  In the story the sky speaks to the Oba and his people.  Each artist was asked to imagine this character and create a mask that would represent the sky.  We also viewed and discussed examples of masks from all over the continent of Africa.  Each artist created a unique mask using recycled corrugated cardboard, tempera paint, oil pastels, lots of tacky glue and other collage materials.


Recently 3rd grade artists learned about the spectrum of light.  They memorized "rainbow order" with the help of an old mnemonic device - "Roy G. Biv" and a song and video of the same name by the group They Might Be Giants.  (see the video on our Studio 101 Facebook page!)  First we made rainbow spirals to get some practice:
Tianna carefully creates a colorful spiral.
In the video Roy G. Biv is shown as a red-headed leprechaun of sorts.  Ms. Babusci challenged the 3rd grade artists to use their own imaginations to create a unique portrait of Roy G. Biv depicting him or her in their own style.  The results were varied and fantastic!

Jayla, Christina and Zion enjoy painting with watercolor paints.
Jason creates indigo by mixing blue and violet and carefully adds it to his painting.
Check out just a few of the amazing portraits!

(Riding his rainbow-motorcycle!)
(a robot version!)
This project will be the first one posted on Artsonia this year!
Stay tuned for more information on this in Friday folders.

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