Oct 3, 2011

5th grade artists 2011/2012

5th grade artists explored monoprints this week.  We used tempera paint and some tiles donated by Mr. Novak.   It was an opportunity to loosen up, experiment and revisit our color-mixing learning from earlier in the trimester.

Alex paints her printing plate.
Grace produced some beautiful abstracts.
Just a couple of the amazing results:

Bunny by Paige

Creatures by Vashon
Last week 5th graders made these beautiful paper sculptures.  They really enjoyed playing, and discovering how many different shapes they could invent.  

The overall effect in the hallway is awesome!

5th grade artists also enjoyed learning about the spectrum of light and colors with the Roy G. Biv video.  They created color wheels, experimented with color mixing and refined their painting techniques.  Next they gathered Fall leaves and studied their shapes.  Each artist was given the following instructions:  Combine leaves drawn by you with stenciled leaves and create a composition where all the leaves overlap, and they touch all four edges of your paper.
Determine what is positive space (leaves) and what is negative space (sky).
Paint the leaves using red, blue and yellow the primary colors.
Mix colors for leaves, including different brown hues.  Try "double-loading" your paintbrush with two colors of paint and allowing them to mix on the paper.
Cut away negative space and mount leaves onto a sky background, imagine looking up at the sky and seeing the leaves falling towards you...

These are some of the beautiful results:





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