Mar 19, 2012

This year's PSSA artist is...

Every year I try and convince my students that PSSA doesn't stand for Pennsylvania State Standardized Assessment but rather Pennsylvania Super Sensational Artist!  In years past we have learned about artists with Pennsylvania roots: Keith Haring, Alexander Calder and Romare Bearden.  Last year I realized after learning about three male artists who are all deceased...we needed to learn about a female artist who was currently making art in PA.  Therefore, in 2011, we studied the Pennsylvania Super Sensational ARTFORM of sewing and examined the PA Dutch quilting tradition, and the evolution of stitched art, with local artist, Wendy Osher.  Many of our East artists got to meet Wendy when she visited our school.  Ms. Babusci recently presented on the K-8, sewing-based lessons at the National Art Education Association convention in NYC.  So this year...presenting...


This year we are looking at Frank Lloyd Wright and his great architectural achievement, Fallingwater.  A beautiful house just an hour outside of Pittsburgh, in Bear Run, PA.

In every grade level, over the next 12 weeks, we will explore architecture.  Inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright's Fallingwater, and Ms. Babusci's residency work there last summer, we will learn together about architecture and explore it with a variety of media.

Please feel free to share ideas, thoughts and feedback here on the blog.   I will be posting about what we learn and the art we create. 

We began our exploration of architecture by...playing...building...collaborating...

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