Jan 27, 2010

1st Grade Blog Stars 2009/2010

First grade artists completed a unit on snow and created these oil pastel-resist snowflake backgrounds. They especially enjoyed the metallic watercolor paints, "The paints are sparkling! The water is sparkling!". They studied arctic animals and learned how to look for shapes to create more realistic drawings. They traced their drawings with silver, just to make the whole thing extra sparkly!

Declan Burke:

Alex Reed:

1st grade artists viewed the work of Gustav Klimt, focusing in particular on his work: Tree of Life, particularly the middle section that illustrates the structure of the tree and a bird on a branch:

After discussing line and shape in the painting artists drew their own unique trees. Because the Klimt is known for his use of metallic gold leaf, 1st grade artists carefully applied gold acrylic paint. Metallic ink and shape stamps and metallic colored pencils were used to add the additional shapes and patterns that echo the artist's style.

Brianna Skladany:

Mya Luptak:

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  1. Way to Go Brianna. Mommy and Daddy love you very much! We are so proud of you!