Jan 27, 2010

3rd Grade Blog Stars 2009/2010

After studying different types of penguins, 3rd grade artists painted paper and prepared to create their own penguins. Those crazy-looking Macaroni penguins were the most popular, with Emperor penguins close behind. We created our own ice-hockey game for the amusement of our Pittsburgh-Pengiun-hockey-loving principal.

Christian Ogburn:

For this project we read a book about a family that lives inside a snowglobe. We also talked about how to create a composition where it looks like something is set on a table and how things in the foreground would appear larger. Students created very unique compositions using tempera paints and a little glitter of course.

Nicole Lucas:

3rd graders created finger puppets using color Model Magic clay. We discussed characteristics that make monsters unique. Students used basic sculpting techniques. They also experimented with color mixing.

Ian Maccumbee:

Alaina Fawcett:

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