Feb 28, 2011

Kindergarten Blog Stars 2010/2011

I am so lucky to have parents who own a local, independent bookstore - Mystery Lovers Bookshop in Oakmont.  While it is primarily a mystery books store, they also have a passion for children's books.  My mother is always looking for great books for Studio 101.  In Kindergarten classes in particular, we often begin our art projects with a story for inspiration.  The books are sometimes included in this blog so that families can share them at home to.  Maybe check them out at the library? Read them together!


Kindergarten artists enjoyed the book, A Color of His Own by Leo Lionni.  After discussing the illustrations in the book, students used tempera paints to create a background for their chameleon.  The next day they glued their chameleon into place and began adding the colors that would make the best camouflage.  Artists honed their fine motor skills by tearing the colored paper and gluing it to their chameleon like scales. 

Lindsey Linsenbiglar

Julian Middleton

Abby Hummert

 Bryan Taylor


The first 6 weeks of art East's youngest artists focus on the basics of color.  They learn to identify colors and mix the primary colors.  The turtles below began with an idea from Ms. Pam, who runs our cafeteria.  She asked if I could think of a use for the trays our fruit is delivered in.  After a little trimming, they seemed like perfect turtle shells to me.  We mixed blue and yellow paint to create green and added patterns to the shells with oil pastels.

Abigail Chen

Matvey Zoukouski

One of the projects I teach every Fall is this Leaf Man collage.  We go on a leaf hunt - walking around the neighborhood, and then we create Leaf Men, Leaf Women, Leaf Bats, Leaf Sharks etc.  The students learn to identify and mimic basic shapes with a non-traditional art material.

Misha Billingsly

Russell Preisach


  1. awesome art Kindergarten - we have our turtle in a plant at our house

  2. Great art by author Russell Preisach arts is specially appreciable.