Feb 27, 2011

5th Grade Blog Stars 2010/2011

5th grade artists learned about the Victorian tradition of creating "Crazy Quilts" from fabric scraps.  The last step of a Crazy Quilt is to add embroidery.  We learned some embroidery stitches from our Pennsylvania Super Sensational Artist, Wendy Osher during her visit to Studio 101 in May.

Morgan Pantalone

Maddi Riley

Adam Whisner

(image coming soon)

Samantha Everson-Simpson


5th grade artists studied the work of artist Jim Dine.  An appropriate study for Valentine's Day because he painted images of hearts frequently.  5th grade artists learned the process of monotype or monoprint and created these one-of-a-kind images.  (Not sure what a monotype is?  Check the Art Vocabulary posts!)

Tajah Billingsley

Jacob Adams

Elizabeth Henning

Jazlyn Moses

The following 2 students had additional time to experiment with monotype while their classmates worked with Growing Theatre on Friday mornings.  Katelyn and Sarah created their own imagery for these prints.

Katelyn Hrubetz

Sarah Apte


This year in Studio 101 there is a sewing corner filled with a variety of textiles and related art.  Every student will have an opportunity to learn basic sewing and embroidery.  5th grade artists created there own original designs and sewed on burlap with yarn to create the art you see below.

William MacCumbee
(yes, that is a cow being abducted by a UFO!)

Dejah Burke

Archimboldo Inspired Portraits

At Propel East this year we are trying out a "Balanced School Day".  All students have nutrition and fitness blocks twice a day.  This inspired me to explore combining nutrition and art!  We started with 15th Century Italian painter Giuseppe Archimboldo and his 4 seasons portraits. The students began with two lists: healthy food and junk food.  They chose a mysterious folded paper out of a bowl that revealed to them whether they were creating a health food portrait or a junk food portrait - here's one of each!

Noah Chough

 Kennedi Visco

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