Nov 14, 2010

Partnership with the Children's Museum of Pittsburgh

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Q: What are these first graders looking at?

A: They are enjoying a new perspective on this art piece installed in the dome high atop the art studio!

1st Grade Fun at CMP!

This school year, we are committed to an exciting partnership with the Children's Museum of Pittsburgh.  Each Propel art teacher was asked to choose a teacher to collaborate with to create a year long, interdisciplinary project using the museum as an extension of our classrooms.  Studio 101 and 1st grade visited the museum on 11/9/10.  The students showed off their knowledge of classic architecture as they toured the museum and generally had a great time!  Ms. Babusci took the photos below.  Test your own knowledge of classic architecture.

Architecture Quiz-
Looking at the photos below - can you identify an arch, a pediment, a corinthian column and a dome?


Roman's drawn one too!


Izzie's drawn a couple too!

Jaymie's drawing one too!

This photo contains three of the architectural terms we have learned!

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