Feb 2, 2011

2nd Grade Blog Stars 2010/2011

 In Studio 101, 2nd grade artists learned about quilts during our PSSArt Unit. 2nd grade artists recalled a favorite memory to inspire these "story quilts."  Literacy math and art were supporting integrated throughout this project.  Ms. Smith, Ms. Klingensmith, Ms. Spielvogle, Ms. Tell, Sara Resnick and Ms. Babusci all worked together to help students write their stories and illustrate them on textiles.  We explored geometric shapes, tangrams, pattern, sewing, embellishment and more.  Congratulations to every student that tried sewing for the first time or practiced their skills.  Ms. Babusci and Miss Sara also had to brush up on their machine-sewing skills to help pull these quilts together!

Olivia Henderson

Mark Fallon

Lizzie Burtner

Cameron Sprague


2nd grade artists learned about the process of printmaking.  They also learned a lot about penguins!  Did you know that most penguins live in arctic regions, but some live in warmer temperatures too?  Artists used watercolor paints to create two backgrounds representing these different climates.  (The background paintings look much better in real life, photography does not capture the metallic watercolor paints in the arctic settings or the colors subtlely blending.)  Then the artists printed their penguin images on top of each painting using styrofoam printing plates.  In the prints below can you spot the baby penguin?  The penguin prey?  A Macaroni penguin?

Paul Conn

Christina Fonzi

Danny Patalsky

Toree Callaway

2nd grade artists began the year by designing folders for their many masterpieces.  Students were  encouraged to reveal something about themselves in their drawings.  They drew pictures of their favorite things, foods, pets etc.  Dominic's robot began a lively class discussion of robots.  Interesting how Sofia grouped everything - I especially love the paintbrushes in the upper left corner.

Dominic Miller

Sofia Mangiafico

Next, we embarked on  a study of line.  These 3D line abstract sculptures are made from an adhesive-backed, colorful paper tape that I use for a variety of projects ever since I discovered it while working at The Carnegie Museum of Art many years ago.  Artists titled their own sculptures.

Jadon Curtis

Analise Balaschak

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  1. Way to go Analise. I love It!!!!!!

    You all did great work and congratulations.

    Tracy(Analise's mom)