Oct 7, 2012

Painting is so much fun!

For the past few weeks there has been a whole lot of painting going on in Studio 101.  All of the following paintings were created using tempera-cakes.  Tempera cakes are a bit easier to manage in the classroom than liquid tempera paint. But they are also more opaque and brighter than watercolors.

Kindergarten artists painted backgrounds for their Pezzetino-inspired creatures. I am in the process of posting these completed artworks on Artsonia, as soon as I do I will post a link here.

"The One Who Runs Really Fast"
"The One with the Big Horn on His Nose"

After the Pezzetino project, it was clear the Kinders wanted more painting!  So we read this book to get loosened up! (Thanks for the recommendation Brianna Haenel, 5th grade artist.)  THen we learned about "abstract" art and focused on painting colors and shapes.

It is very interesting to me the many different takes on "abstract." 

Cassidy paints thoughtfully.
Shiyan's abstract painting - I love the bold colors!
Kaelyn created a very linear and symmetrical composition.
I love how Jason connected all his shapes and colors.

First grade artists in Ms. Cain's class also had a day of abstract painting...

This week, second grade artists began a unit on LINE and they got to paint too!

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