Feb 2, 2011

6th Grade Blog Stars 2010/2011

During the PSSArt unit students became experts at the straight stitch during their latest project.  They turned contour line drawings of their favorite clothing items into sewn quilts by sewing 2 layers of muslin and quilt batting together.  To finish their artwork they used the sewing machine too!  This project was inspired by one of the workshops Ms. Babusci attended at this year's National Art Education Association conference in Seattle.

Rebecca McClure

Joe Hrubetz

TeAndra Gardner

Samantha Hurrell

Chase Calloway


6th grade artists studied Egypt in their Language Arts class and we extended that learning into Studio 101.  For this project, artists studied Egyptian imagery and motifs, including hieroglyphs.  First they designed the headdress, and chose a symbolic animal to top it.  Next, the artists created a portrait that included the Kohl eye makeup featured in many portraits of royal Egyptians.

Afaf Ghanem

Anne Pamphile

Branden Hickman

Elijah Gerdes


6th grade artists were inspired by Mexican paintings on amate.
What is amate?  Check out the Art Vocabulary posting! 

After identifying birds, plants and flowers as frequent subject matter for these paintings student artists chose a photograph of a favorite bird to examine.  However, realistic drawings were not our goal, but rather a more stylized or decorative drawing.  Students were instructed to work pattern and color into their designs.  They used Crayola construction paper crayons (one of Ms. Babusci's all-time-favorite art materials) on recycled paper to create these bright and beautiful works of art.


Jaysyn Evans

Haley McLure

Dazohn Edwards

Jaida Weems

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