Feb 2, 2011

4th Grade Blog Stars 2010/2011

During our PSSArt Unit , grade artists began their study of quilts with a focus on symmetry.  They created colorful grids and added beautiful patterns on top with a paper tape they cut and layered.

Caleb  Williams

 Lauryn Givner-Fleming

As we learned about quilts during the PSSArt Unit in Studio 101 4th grade artists seemed particularly inspired by the 'video game' quilts from this website: http://www.carolinapatchworks.com/

Blending math & graphing and art & design, 4th grade artists designed their own space creature on one inch graph paper and then created a felt quilt pillow!  Students learned many new sewing skills while adding details like a planet or moon, stars and other embellishments.

Paige Norman

Chyna Gray


4th grade artists chose their favorite winter time activities to represent in these monochromatic paintings.  They worked very hard mixing different tints and learning brush control techniques.  We started with wooden models and examined proper proportions for drawing the human body, then we added the snowy settings.  Each artist chose a cool color (blue, green or purple) to mix with white to create many tints.  We couldn't resist adding some sparkling, snowy glitter to complete these masterpieces!

Dvontae Eddins

Caitlyn Murphy

Kennady Holloway

Regis Sauers


Every year I do a Shrinky Dink project with 4th grade artists.  Do you remember Shrinky Dinks from your youth?  The "magic" plastic that curls and shrinks in the toaster oven?  Myself and my students never seem to tire of working with this mysterious stuff.   For these suncatchers students chose to focus on one of the four elements: fire, water, air or earth and made the illustrations with Sharpie and colored pencils.  They added their own beads and string to complete their designs.  They are difficult to photograph - they are even more beautiful in person.

Jarron Best

Hallie Woodward

Trent Fuller

Alex Courtaway

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